AAUP and ACT Sign MoU

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Dr. Iyad Yaqoub - The Head of the Board of Directors of the Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center in Arab American University and Mr. Mohammad Hadia- Representing ACT signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between both parties to enhance their joint work.

Dr. Iyad Yaqoub ensured that agreements with the civil society organizations are very important in order to benefit from the experiences of others and transfer knowledge to students and trainees, and to train students _especially students of Conflict Resolution and Intercultural Communication_ on the needed skills that will develop them and provide better opportunities in the labor market for them.

Mr. Mohammad Hadia thanked the university and the center for their interest in collaborating in the conflict resolution field and in signing the MoU that will develop joint strategies between the two organizations in the fields of arbitration, mediation and conflict resolution.

The MoU included enhancing the joint work in arbitration, mediation and negotiation as effective alternatives to conflict resolution, and emphasized on the importance to exchange experiences and develop capabilities. The MoU also focused on increasing the number of studies and theoretical and practical researches and on the cooperation between universities, centers and organizations, and the two parties agreed to start preparing a work plan within two months period.