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AAUP and Al Jazeera Media Institute Concludes the “Mobile Press” Course for Media Students and Graduates

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

With the participation of 15 students and graduates of Media from the different Palestinian universities, the Faculty of Modern Media in Arab American University in Ramallah Campus and Al Jazeera Media Institute concluded the second training course of “Mobile Press”.

“Mobile Press” course through Zoom

The training course that was part of “Al Jazeera Ambassadors Initiative” and it was trained through Zoom for 3 days by the Tunisian Adnan Shwashi. The training course was intensive and focused on many aspects of the press job using the mobile phone in order to enable students to practice.

Dr. Hanadi Dwaikat- the Dean of the Faculty of Modern Media in AAUP said that the university always seeks to develop the skills of its students and the students of the Palestinian universities especially in the field part, and these training courses are trying to reduce the gap in Media. She also appreciated the role that the partners from Al Jazeera Media Institute are doing in the training.

Dr. Dwaikat added: “the philosophy of our faculty is to prepare its students well, and this is part of the services that the faculty provides to the local community especially for the new journalists and the media students in their last year of studying.”

The media expert and the trainer Mr. Adnan Shawashi said that the press field nowadays is connected to the different skills and the practical part that trainees must accomplish. He added: “the income today is connected to the mobile phones as mobiles provide all the possibilities to present a professional media production that can be broadcasted to all the media platforms”. Mr. Shawashi praised the role that Arab American University does to qualify its students and prepare them to the labor market.

Ms. Raghda Jamal- the Training Coordinator in Al Jazeera Media Institute presented a brief introduction about Al Jazeera Ambassadors Initiative, and indicated that the goal for this initiative is to empower individuals with skills that lead to change. She also talked about the achievements of the initiative in the Arab world level as it trained many media people and students from the different specialties and backgrounds. 

Trainee Dana Braiwish who graduated from the Faculty of Media and TV from Birzeit University and currently working in Nesaa FM said: “this training course is full of new skills that are related to the mobile phone that is now available to everyone, so we have the tools and the course taught us how to use them to deliver our voice for the different cases in a report form and professional stories easily.”

On the other hand, Mo’emen Shadid who is a Media student in An-Najah National University thanked the Arab American University for this course and said that this is the second course that he attends in AAUP, and added: “This course added a lot to my knowledge in the mobile world and the –accident press- if I can say so, as this training is full of information from expert people and with great experience to have.”

Wafa’ AbuArrah from the Arabic and Media Department in Arab American University thinks that what makes this course special is the intensive practical training that contributed in getting the best professional skills in each trainee using the mobile phone. She emphasized on the importance of such courses to any journalist who is trying to do a professional job using simple facilities, and she added: “Press does not stop at any point or be limited to using specific tool in specific era, but it focuses on grapping chances to document moments and transfer them to the audience, and this is part of what this course aims to provide and what I personally aim to achieve.”  

It is worth mentioning that the media expert Adnan Shawashi is a journalist, TV producer and expert in the mobile press. He worked as a reporter to China International TV, a media person in RTCI and an independent producer with Reuters Agency and Thomson Reuters Corporation. He also worked as an assistant professor in the Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis and an interpreter in many conferences between Arabic, English and French. He got the award of Sheikh Mubarak Al Hamad for Excellence in Journalism in Kuwait and he supervised on the training of many journalists on the mobile press and modern media facilities.

“Mobile Press” course through Zoom