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AAUP Announces the Launch of the First Global Conference on Digital Transformation in Palestine

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

AAUP announced the commencement of preparations for the first global conference on Digital Transformation in Palestine, which is to be held in June 2023.

Prof. Dr. Waleed Deeb, the Academic Advisor to the University Board of Directors, pointed out that the conference aims to discuss digital transformation and its prospects in Palestine as well as its overlap and impact on various sectors to reduce the digital gap compared to the leading countries in this field. He also pointed out that the conference aims to benefit from all the opportunities offered by digital transformation at the national level in all sectors. Prof. Dr. Deeb added "We, at the Arab American University, realized many years ago the impact of technology and the rapid digital development on scientific fields. Thus, we strived to integrate digital technology in various scientific fields and academic programs."

In his turn, the University President, Prof. Dr. Ali Zedan, added "This conference supports the global trends in general and the Palestinian government's attitudes towards digital transformation, and we are profoundly careful to be key partners in a prototypical and successful digital transformation process in Palestine."

As for the topics of the conference, Dr. Islam Amro, the Dean of the Faculty of Modern Sciences, stated “There are various areas and aspects of digital transformation in Palestine undertaken by many partners. The possible horizons in this field are wide and multiple, as the topics of digital transformation in Palestine are compatible with the directions of the study programs offered at AAUP.” Since the Arab American University is pioneering in it distinguished subjects, it has been offering a variety of academic majors at the levels of foundation studies (Bachelor) and postgraduate studies, with the aim of providing the Palestinian, regional and global market with the required contemporary expertise in the areas of digital transformation, which are represented in the sectors of the digital economy, Education, culture, media, arbitration, political and diplomatic digital action, health and life sciences, digital economy, infrastructure and assistive technologies such as data science, artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies.

The conference will host a number of local and international experts and specialists in the various fields of digital transformation, which include health, education, economy, banking, telecommunications, politics, culture and media, in addition to commercial activities. The conference will also shed light on the most important achievements and aspirations in Palestine, in addition to exposing the best practices in the fields of digital transformation worldwide and how to employ them in Palestine in various sectors, Dr. Amro added.

This initiative is in line with the strategy of AAUP to offer academic programs that meet the needs of the global market and keep pace with its development and enhance the competitive advantage of graduates to be able to compete in the technology-based labor market. The University concentrated on offering many academic programs at the Bachelor level including Digital Marketing, Digital Health, Digital Media, Digital Economy, Political Science and Digital Diplomacy. As for the master's degree, the University offers the programs of Digital Economy, Political Sciences and Digital Diplomacy, in addition to the doctoral program in Digital Diplomacy, which will be offered in the next semester.