AAUP Organized a Workshop Entitled: Female Students' Rights and the Student Movement in the Palestinian Universities

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A workshop about enhancing the dialogue culture and gender entitled “The Reality of Female Students' Rights and the Student Movement in the Palestinian Universities” was organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs in AAUP with collaboration with the Faculty of Law and under the auspicious of the Ministry of Higher Education with partnership with the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation within Amal Project.

Part of the workshop about female students’ rights and the student movement in the Palestinian Universities

Dr. Bashar Daraghmeh- the Dean of the Deanship of Student Affairs opened the workshop by welcoming attending students and by stressing on the importance of student participation (both genders) in the activities organized by the university, especially the participation of female students in the student council elections in terms of candidacy or election

Dr .Daraghmeh also talked about how Arab American University is special and different from all the other Palestinian universities as students join it from all over the green-line area, and that this contributed in its cultural diversity and enhanced the positivity between all students who built friendship relations with each other. This is where the definition of “A University for All Palestinians” came from, and said that we are proud of our university that represents all Palestinians in this country.

In the speech of the Ministry of Higher Education, Mr. Ayman Hodali- the Director of Student Affairs Department in the Ministry explained the vision of the ministry and how they aim to encourage students of both genders to join the different student activities, and emphasized on equality in student rights. 

In his turn, Mr. Hasan Nasif explained the workshop agenda and presented a video about gender.

Dr. Fadi Joma’a- a Lecturer in the General Culture Knowledge Department in AAUP discussed the student movement issues in the Palestinian universities and used different methods of dialogue as he interacted with the students who expressed their own opinions about the challenges they face.

Hasan Abu Dukhan- Head of the Student Council talked about the student council elections and the diversity of students in Arab American University in specific, and then he answered some questions from attending students.

At the end of the workshop, the attending students gave some positive notes and recommendations to be taken into consideration in the future.