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Arab American University 8th Engineering and Technology Day Activities Kicked Off

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Arab American University 8th Engineering and Technology day, organized by Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, started. To reveille students’ projects and scientific achievements to local community, enhance relations with specialized companies and encourage competition among students.

It included an intelligence games fair

Part of the 8th Engineering and Technology Day events

University VP for Training Affairs Dr. Nizam Diab, Secretary General for Minister of Higher Education Dr. Anwar Zakaria, Faculty of Engineering and IT Dean Dr. Mohammad Hamarsheh, Deputy of Palestinian Engineers Eng. Majfi Saleh, representatives of the higher education offices in Jenin and Qapatya, faculty deans, heads of departments, members of both academic and administrative bodies, representatives of public and private institutions and specialized companies and some students, all attended the opening that started with a solidarity stand with Palestinian Prisoners on their dignity strike.

In the University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri Speech, delivered on his behalf by its deputy for Training Affairs Dr. Nizam Diab. Saluting the prisoners on their empty stomachs dignity fight, expressing his recognition to the Faculty of Engineering that called the day “Prisoners Technology”. Pointing, Arab American University uses science and technology as its gear to build, develop and graduate new generations who can represent Palestine in every scientific and international forum.

Explaining, today’s forum seeks to bridge the gap between engineers, information technology workers, graduates and industrial institutions, and to present engineering projects that helps solving current problems and be adopted by companies. Also, the university worked hard to establish this annual event, offering the engineering sector workers opportunities to exchange ideas and start unusual joint projects with academics, students and researchers.

Dr. Diab stressed on the university’s continuous work to keep up with everything new in engineering and IT fields. As it works on improving its academic plans and create academic programs that meets today’s needs, by communicating with the field’s experts and institutions.

 “We in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology have been keen since eight years, to provide students the opportunity to present their projects to the business market, companies, and community. In order to stimulate creativity, innovation, and excellence and see graduate students results”, said Faculty of Engineering and IT Dean Dr. Mohammad Hamarsheh. Noting, the College in its second decade, attracting new graduates, opening new bachelor and master programs, raising publishing scientific research frequency to more than twenty researches annually. This contributes to develop students' projects and abilities.

In the Ministry of Higher Education word by its representative Dr. Anwar Zakaria, he conveyed Minister of Education Dr. Sabri Sidem greetings and praised the Arab American University role saying “I’m proud of the university as a developed model in education and infrastructure”. Education is an act of resistance and liberty and we must be devoted to education advancement to reach the highest ranks.

He mentioned the Ministry of Education plans to integrate vocational education with higher education. Pointing, every student starting from the seventh grade will work in nine jobs, 3 annually. Explaining, this decision was implemented last year in a number of schools, it will be for all shortly and other professional branches have been established in the High School stage.

Palestinian Engineers syndicate Chairman Eng. Magdi Saleh said “Our ambition to live safe and secure can be achieved only by strengthening our human and institutional capabilities and complete building our infrastructure. None of this will happen without a base of qualified humans capable of achieving this ambition. Thanks for Arab American University and other Palestinian universities contribution in embracing and building these capabilities”.

He pointed, the number of union members exceeded 23 thousand engineers in all engineering disciplines, making it a large and influential institution in the Palestinian society. Adding, since its establishment in 1963, it has developed engineering work and keeping up with everything new in engineering to ensure the Palestinian engineer ability to compete locally, regionally and internationally. He referred to the training and operational programs developed by the syndicate for newly Graduates Engineers to reduce the problems of high engineers’ unemployment rates.

Activities included students’ projects and innovations in engineering and IT exhibition for 35 projects, with participation of BA and Master students. The projects were offering services, problems solving, companies business and financial transactions, information mining, educational games, discover diseases and solve handicapped problems.

The 8th Engineering and Technology Day included two specialized lectures titled “Startups Companies: Reality and Challenges”, “Applied Scientific Research and Engaging with Business Market”, in which representatives of specializing companies and institutions in engineering and technology were presented.

Besides the Engineering Day, Intelligence and Thinking Games Fair, organized by Hassib Sabbagh Center for Information Technology Excellence was launched in partnership with Conan Company for Intelligence Games. In which smart games were presented to enhance creative thinking, thinking outside the box and open students’ horizons by using smart games, which develop individual, collective and mental skills for all age’s groups.

Part of the 8th Engineering and Technology Day events
Part of the 8th Engineering and Technology Day events
The 8th Engineering and Technology Day for Intelligence Games events