An Article by the Editor-in-chief of Al-Hayat Newspaper, Mr. Mahmoud Abu Al-hija " a Witness …. The Other Monument "

Sunday, February 3, 2019

At Al-Rihan Neighborhood, on the other side of Al-Istishari Arab Hospital, on a hill lies the premises of Arab American University as a monument for a free Palestine, not just for a free State of Palestine. But, yet for an independent academic & knowledge future that AAUP nurtures along with its Palestinian universities. 

AAUP - Ramallah Campus

The situation is not about architecture, but about the soul that lives in this monument of humanity, and national morals, here you can perceive the Palestinian willingness to develop and build all it takes to rise with a free Palestinian future, as I sight in the eyes who welcomed me while I was going for a dental medical check. After I have heard about the developed medical center in the university and its clinics and labs from my colleagues in the newspaper Bashar Al-Birmawi and Amjad Al-Tamimi, where they have examined the center, doctors and its staff, and highly admired them to realize, that this praise needs a poem.

As I was welcomed also by another colleague the cartoonist Mr. Mohammad Sabanneh, where he introduced me to the Manger of the Center Dr. Jumana Jaradat. She had left
United States behind her without a return  but to return to her homeland and build the Palestinian future. During our talk we mentioned the chairman of boards of directors Dr. Yousef Asfour who personifies the Palestinian determination and only accepts the latest new developed device and technologies to be equipped in the medical center to provide the best services for its patients and university students, further more we mentioned the importance of facing all challenges for this unique development. Here I have realized in depth that the hope of a free independent Palestine is real and clear not just rosy wishes, as long as we are able to face all kinds of obstacles and clearly personalize them, so we are on the right path of independence, freedom, and progress.

I will not talk about the professionally of the dental center, and its modern technical equipment, since it will need another article, but I am proud to mention the great services provided from the doctors, its staff and how friendly they are, which gives the patient a successful treatment with a sense of comfort, here I thank them and say “this is how a monument is well built”. As President Abu Mazan has always affirmed that we are building our state step by step. As our great poet Mahmoud Darwish said, we are to build our beloved State, the state of freedom, justice, right, and peace, those who love Palestine the State of freedom and independence with its capital East Jerusalem.