British Political Consul and Irish Vice-consul are Guests at the Graduate Studies Faculty at AAU

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Arab American University-Jenin hosted, Lori Hunter; the British Political Consul of the Consulate General in Jerusalem, Mr. Declan Johnson; the Irish Deputy Consul General, within the Comparative Studies in the Negotiation Processes and Peace Building Course.

Part of the meeting

Dr. Dalal Erekat, the instructor of Conflict Resolution and Development course, spoke about the negotiation elements and the basics of the successful negotiations in detail. She said that the lecture course aims to inform students about the British and Irish official viewpoints as essential parties in the negotiation processes.

The two guests, in turn, presented their interventions as a formal diplomatic viewpoint by providing a detailed explanation about the Irish experience from an academic perspective.

Different questions and viewpoints were raised in the lecture, in order to take lessons and morals from the Irish experience. This would enhance the skills and knowledge of graduate studies students, in this unique specialization in Palestine.