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The Choir Band of the University Plays a Musical Show in Front of the Students

Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Choir Band of the University played a musical show, where it presented a group of heritage and conservative songs that they have trained during the entire semester, in the presence of the University President Professor Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri, and his deputy for administrative and financial affairs Mr. Faleh Abu Arrah, and member of the Board of Directors Dr. Raed Dahlab, along with a large number of university students.

Part of the show

Prof. Abu Zuhri expressed his admiration for the heritage and national songs, assuring the importance of extracurricular activities, which encourages the spirit activity of students, noting that the university supports students' talents through extracurricular activities, thanking the Deanship of Student Affairs and the choir band members for their impressive show.

The Dean of Student Affairs emphasized the importance of having a choir band for Arab American University which is contained of 27 students from all over Palestine from the north to the south. The aim of this band is to promote artistic activities and support students' talents, in addition of breaking the barriers between students and building relationships between them since the university isn’t limited only on scientific lectures, but is also mixed with these extracurricular activities.

At the end of the show, the choir band were honored with certificates of appreciation for their efforts and their commitment to training throughout the semester.

Part of the University President speech
Part of the show