Defense of Master Thesis at the University Entitled “the Impact of Strategic Planning on the Performance of Palestinian Companies”

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Researcher Ahmed Amjad Hanani, a student of strategic planning and fundraising at Faculty of Graduate School at Arab American University, discussed his thesis on "The Impact of Strategic Planning on the Performance of small – medium companies in Palestine and its Continuity ".

The Researcher Ahmed Amjad Hanani a student of strategic planning and fundraising

The aim of his study was about the impact of strategic planning components on the performance and survival of small and medium companies in Palestine, noting that the importance of strategic planning can be measured to the extent that it affects business performance, which may affect its survival and existence.

Hanani used a survey questionnaire and distributed it to managers and business owners, and used different statistical methods to analyze data and obtain results.

The researcher assured in his thesis that strategic planning improves the performance of small and medium-sized companies that have a long-term impact on its survival. He added that strategic planning is influenced by gender and project. He called on small and medium-sized Palestinian companies to pay more attention to improve their strategic planning, and focus on the elements and involve its staff in the process.

At the end of the discussion the committee composed of the supervisor and the chairman of the committee, Dr. Mohammed Abu Sharba, the internal examiner from Arab American University Dr. Raed Erekat, and the external examiner from Al-Quds Open University Dr. Shaher Obaid, decided to grant the student Ahmed Hanani the master's degree.