The E-learning Center in AAUP Gets the NAACE Accreditation

Sunday, July 11, 2021

The E-learning Center in Arab American University has achieved a new accomplishment by getting the NAACE accreditation certificate that came after the collaboration with Eummena that works as an external advisor in this field.

NAACE is an organization that works under a group of organizations in the e-learning field in UK. This organization aims to develop the technology role in education and it puts long-term plans for the e-learning.

This accreditation enables AAUP to reach, access and use the evaluation and review tools of NAACE, the e-gate, the education development journal, the e-evidences and the self evaluation of AAUP quantitative usage of technology. In addition, this accreditation enables AAUP to apply for NaaceMark which is an award of a golden level for the best organization practices in the education technology.