Eng. Hijawi Establishing Member of the University Directors Board and Member of the Trustees Board Honors Number of Outstanding Researchers

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Establishing Member of the University Directors Board and Member of the Trustees Board Eng. Zuhair Hijawi honored the university distinguished researchers, who got the top ten places according to Google Scholar Classification.

Part of the ceremony

The ceremony held in the presence of Directors Board member Mr. Rashad Al-Bata, Directors Board Academic Councilor and university founder president Prof. Dr. Waleed Deeb, University's Acting President Dr. Zaki Saleh, former university presidents Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mouies and Dr. Adli Saleh, University President Assistant for Administrative and Financial Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu Arra, and a number of members of the Board of Deans.

Eng. Zuhair Hijawi started the ceremony with a speech, saying “I am always honored to meet you, who represent the elite of the University researchers and scientists. Your contributions, work and effort have significant impact on the University's academic, scientific and research progress both locally and internationally”.

He added one of the university’s goals is scientific research, which the Directors Board allocated a special budget for, since establishing the university, to encourage research and researchers. Moreover, to achieve it the university launched a number of special awards both at Palestinian and international level. The first prize was Engineer Zuhair Hijawi Award for Scientific research, thirteen years ago, and the most recent Award is Best Published Research in the Arab American University Research Journal.

“You my colleagues have achieved the best results at international level according to Google Scholar classification, thus you have contributed directly to introduce the university and its researchers’ high level internationally. Today, I’m proud of this honoring to express our pride in you, provide you with more support, and encourage you to provide more original sciences. Hoping that this honor will motivate other University researchers to serve their country, their people and both sciences and humanity”, he concluded.

The Acting University President Prof. Dr. Zaki Saleh said in his speech “Arab American University realized since its establishment that attracting and maintaining distinguished teaching staff requires an effective research environment. One of the most important steps by the university to achieve this, in 2004 the University Founding President Prof. Dr. Waleed Deeb made decision to reduce 3 credit hours of the teaching load for researchers who obtained a research project with external funding. In 2007, funding faculty members' participation in international conferences was approved. Also in 2004, Engineer Zuhair Hijawi initiated an award, carrying his name, for excellence in scientific research for researchers from the Palestinian university students”.

He added, in 2008 scientific research was put as one of the most important elements of the university strategic plan as a mean of enhancing the competency of faculty members and increasing the research output of the university. A year later, in 2009, the board approved allocating 100 thousand Dinars to fund competitive research projects for faculty members. In 2014, the Arab American University Scientific Research Journal was published. While in 2016, the University Award for Excellence in Scientific Research was launched. As a result of these, over the years, decisions the university research output has multiplied dozens of times, scientific research infrastructure became ready and outstanding active research groups will be honored today.

Eng. Zuhair Hijawi honored Dr. Bashar Saad a specialist in science, biology and biotechnology, Prof. Dr. Hisham Darwish a specialist in laboratory medical sciences, Dr. Hilal Zeid specialist in biology and biotechnology, Prof. Dr. Atef Qasrawi a specialist in physics, Dr. Amer Jawabrah laboratory medical sciences specialist, Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri university president specialized in chemistry, Dr. Nizar Watad a pediatric dentistry and orthodontics specialist, Dr. Adly Saleh specialist in physics, Dr. Nizam Diab specialized in chemistry, and Dr. Jawad Abu Tair specialist in face and maxillofacial surgery. For their great achievements that made the university recognized at local, Arab and world. Moreover, Eng. Hijawi honored Eng. Maysa’ Abadi Director of External Financial Control at the University in recognition of her distinctive work.