Hassib Al Sabbagh Center at the University Completes the Second Phase of Blockchain Technology Workshop

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Hasib Al Sabbagh Center for Information Technology Excellence at Arab American University completed the second phase of a workshop titled "Building Block Chain Using Go Language", with the partnership of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the university and the club "GDG Jenin", where the workshop targeted more than fifty students and graduates, while the first phase was hosted by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

Part of the Workshop

The workshop was hosted by Fadi Karakba, IT Officer at GBooking company that’s specialized in electronic solutions for organizing reservations in Russia. Where Mr. Fadi discussed many following topics: Basic prototype, Concept of miners the Proof-of-work, Transactions & Intro to server side development "using nodeJS and MongoDB.

The two phases are the introduction to an advanced Blockchain training program, which will train a select group of students and graduates to prepare them for employment in the research and development department of mede.me, which will be hosted by Hassib Al Sabbagh Center early next year.