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Interior Architecture Students in a Field Trip to the Palestinian Museum to Expand Their Artistic Concepts and Vocabulary

Monday, November 25, 2019

Students of the Interior Architecture program in AAUP that is offered as a collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona – Italy, organized a field trip to the Palestinian museum with their Professor Christien Aloush Hadeed as part of their practical project in the course of Design Elements.

The Palestinian museum field trip

This field trip will help the Interior Architecture students in understanding the infrastructure of the Palestinian culture along with understanding the Palestinian art.

Eng. Rinad Shqairat, who teaches the Design Elements course at AAUP, suggested such a field trip to implement the knowledge that students got through their theoretical study. Students had the chance to know some of the Artists, who were part of the museum, the materials they used and the elements and techniques of their arts.

Eng. Shqairat said: “This visit will encourage students, and will enhance their artistic concepts and vocabularies, and improve their critical thinking”. She added that in the Interior Architecture in specific, students need to understand their courses in an integrated way, and implement what they learn in an academic way. This could be done through videos, practical training, in-class discussions and field trips that develop the abilities and experiences of students.   

The Palestinian museum field trip
The Palestinian museum field trip