The Launching of " The Hoopoe’s Vamp " Novel at AAUP

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Writer Yasser Al Masri launched his novel The Hoopoe’s Vamp "Victims" at AAUP during a ceremony organized by Community Affairs Dept, in the presence representatives of Palestinian universities, public institutions, officials from security services, and university students.

Part of the novel launching

The novel “The Hoopoe’s Vamp” It focused on criticizing many issues related to the public and political life of the Palestinian situation in all its organizational and partisan components.

The writer used birds as characters for the novel, first: Hoopoe as a symbol of knowledge, which represents the Palestinian who can no longer endure the injustice this comes from his deep denial. Second: the rooster, which represents the contrary symbolism of the unusual. Third: Falcon, which symbolizes power and control as a side of the politician who knows and always keen on reconciliation with the absence of the required truth.

During the novel, the writer sent a message to the young generation, saying: This generation needs protection and support which is the responsibility political and social figure personals, as young people must have the awareness, healthy, and capable to build public opinion befitting a society under occupation.

The Writer Yasser Masri during the launch of the novel at the university