Minister Saidam: Arab American University Keeps Surprising Us by Improving its Academic Level and International Developmental and Services Projects

Monday, June 4, 2018

Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Sabri Mamdouh Saidam, while opening the multipurpose sports hall and some medical centers in occupational and physical therapy at the Arab American University, said “The Arab American University is surprising us every year by improving its academic level through developing world-class specializations and programs needed in the Palestinian market. The latest was the University's PhD program in business administration, the first in Palestine, in partnership with the Indiana University in America, which will start in the next academic year 2018/2019”.

He added, the university is also working with the same creativity and excellence in constructing faculties, facilities and vital centers in it. Today, I am proud to open the largest multi-purpose gym in Palestine, the university built it recently, and its equipment and world-class halls is evidence that excellence has become a brand name of the Arab American University for its constant search for everything new and useful to the Palestinian people.

During opening the Rehabilitation Centers at the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences

The Arab American University constructed the largest multi-purpose gym in Palestine in accordance to the international standards with the university Board of Directors support. It’s built on a total area of ​​12,000 square meters, can accommodate up to 5,000 people, and includes classrooms, equipped gymnastics halls, squash courts, and various equipment for basketball, five-a-side football, handball, volleyball, tennis, taekwondo, karate and others. The University administration says: “The multi-purpose gym is a Palestinian achievement especially to serve universities sports and the Palestinian sport in general, and hosting, embracing global and local festivals, conferences and other activities.

The Minister Sabri Saidam opened two rehabilitation centers in occupational and physical therapy at the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences to provide treatment and rehabilitation for patients and practical training for the faculty students.

The centers which Minister Saidam opened are the first of its kind in the north of Palestine; a center for the children rehabilitation in the occupational therapy department which includes sensory rooms and treatment rooms for children with autism, hyperactivity, mental abilities difficulties, learning and academic difficulties, cerebral palsy, spinal cord dysplasia and congenital anomalies. The second is hydrotherapy center in the physiotherapy department, which provides full physiotherapy rehabilitation services including a water pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, and provides treatment for bone diseases, post-traction Osteoporosis, spinal problems, muscular disorders, neurological problems such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, sports injuries, diabetes patients, and pediatric issues like cerebral palsy and spinal cord edema.

These centers and clinics are staffed with specialists in the physical and occupational therapy departments at the University, who have extensive experience in rehabilitation and treatment of various medical conditions.

During the Minister’s reception
Part of the gymnasium hall opening
Tour in the rehabilitation centers
Tour in the rehabilitation centers