In One of its Great Achievements: AAUP Laboratories and under Collaboration with the Ministry of Health Discover Cases of the Indian “Double Mutant” Strain in Palestine

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Out of its interest to discover new strains of corona in Palestine, the Ministry of Health sent 18 samples to Arab American University laboratories in Ramallah as the Ministry suspected that those samples might be infected with the new strain of the Indian “Double Mutant” of corona. AAUP team done the needed tests and discovered that the samples are infected with the new Indian strain (17 samples have a Delta sub-strain B.1.617.2 and 1 sample has a Kappa sub-strain B.1.617.1).

This means that the Indian strain does exist in Palestine and it is quick to spread and easy to move from one person to another. We kindly ask all citizens to follow the Ministry of Health’s instructions and precaution procedures.