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The Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center receives the "Erasmus +" awarding in the year 2018

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Mrs. Rola Shahwan Direct Manager of “The Policy and Conflict Resolutions Studies Center” in AAUJ has declared that the Center has been granted a full donation of “Erasmus +”. Where about 874 projects in the Middle East and Europe are competing for this endowment and 64 projects on the Palestinian level. The project proposed by the Center under the title of: “Encouraging Scientific Research and enhancing the abilities in Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies” was selected.

This award is granted within “Erasmus +” programs recognized by the European Commission for Education, Youth, and Sports for the period 2014 till 2020,  recently Collaboration programs have been adopted between the EU countries and other different countries worldwide.

Dr. Ayman Abu Yousef Chairman for the Center has announced the project financed with 515 thousand Euros, which will be dedicated to enhance the Center through organizing several activities as the annual conference in addition to researches and specialized academic studies, and support the center with academic resources and research references. On the other hand, the project supports international academic exchange of individuals, which aims to enhance the mobility of students and staff to partner countries. Enhance cooperation and partnerships that impacts on modernization and internationalization of institutions and higher education systems in partner countries, especially European neighbor country. In addition, Encouraging teaching, research and thinking about EU studies around the world, and supporting policy dialogue through networking with education reform experts in partner countries.