Researchers from Arab American University Publishes a Paper in American Magazine for Environmental Researches and Economic Resources

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

In partnership with Palestinian Water Authority

Researchers from Arab American University in collaboration with Palestinian Water Authority, published a study entitled “Analyzing Water Service Providers Performance and Effectiveness in Palestine” in the American Journal of Environmental and Economic Resources Researches for the American Scientific Publishing Group.

The study, developed by researcher Abdullah Marar in postgraduate studies Dr. Ahmed Sadaqa, Dr. Khaled Rabaya, Dr. Sobhi Samhan, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Tamimi, Dr. Waleed Sabah and Dr. Ihab Barghouti, compared between the performance of the water authority, common services councils and municipalities in efficiency, prices and savings. The study came in response to the Palestinian water law, which stipulates that water service providers should be grouped into four regional facilities the south, center, north, in addition to Gaza Strip. It relied mainly on analyzing available data from the Water Authority and Water Sector Regulatory Council.

The results indicated that there are no significant differences in water service providers’ performance in productivity of water employees, collection efficiency, operating and maintenance costs. It also indicated that their performance was better than municipalities in efficiency of collecting and savings. Shared services prices are higher than municipalities and water interests and thus have higher revenues.

The study supported the Water Authority approach to gradually gather water service providers, to reach the strategic objective, into four regional facilities. This would increase their effectiveness and ability to provide better services.