The University and the Galilee Society in the 1948 Palestinian Lands Discussing Scientific and Research Cooperation

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Arab American University and The Galilee Society in the 1948 Palestinian Lands discussed ways of collaboration to sign MoU to hold education and health specialized lectures, participate in researches, studies and analyze them, engaging university students and faculty members in making researches, arrange scientific visits, and help master students in selecting thesis for vital studies.

The delegation which included The Galilee Society Director General Mr. Bakr Awawdeh, Director of the Society’s Institute for Applied Research Dr. Grace Gideon, member of the University’s Board of Trustees Mr. Walid Afifi, were welcomed by the University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zaidan Abu Zuhri, his VPs for Academic Affairs Dr. Zaki Saleh, Training and Community Service Affairs Dr. Nizam Diab, Administrative and Financial Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu Arra, Acting Dean of Scientific Research and Physics Professor at the University Dr. Adly Saleh, and PR Director Mr. Fathi Amor.

During the meeting, Prof. Dr. Abu Zuhri said: “The Arab American University, since it opened, sought to be an academic, scientific research lighthouse that enlightens from Palestine to the whole world. It has positively affected its surroundings in everything, and become the students’ destination from all over the country. Today, it has eleven thousand enrolled students of whom 55% are from the 1948 occupied Palestinian lands.

He added, the university have two campuses, the main campus in Jenin, which offers 34 bachelor degree programs through its eight faculties: Dentistry, Nursing, Allied Medical Sciences, Administrative and Financial Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology, Science and Arts, and the Faculty of Law. And Ramallah campus, which offers 12 master programs and one PhD program in partnership with the Indiana University in Pennsylvania, US through their Faculty of Graduate Studies.

He pointed, the University allocates an annual budget of approx. half a million US dollars to funding researchers and scientific researches done by the university faculty members. Not only that, it issued the Arab American University magazine for Researches, a semi-annual journal published by the Deanship of Scientific Research in Arabic and English, and it has got the Arab Influence Factor for 2016 of 2.93. The magazine publishes distinguished researches in various natural and human sciences fields. He added the university has also allocated special prizes to support researches; AAUJ award for excellence in scientific research for researchers in Palestinian universities, annual award for best published scientific research in the Arab American University research journal, and Engineer Zuhair Hijjawi award for scientific research.

The General Director of the Galilee Society Mr. Awawdeh he spoke about their objectives and their interests. Stressing, the Society has a research center called “Rakaz”, it’s like a Palestinian Bureau of statistics at the 1948 Palestinian lands doing studies, researches and surveys aimed to find the challenges facing our community in the 1948 lands to solve these problems and foresee what will happen in the future. With it, we have given the decision makers in the 1948 lands everything necessary to start planning to face current and future challenges.

He stressed they are ready to exchange experiences with the Arab American University in educational, health, environment, social and economic studies, researches and analysis. Adding, we seek to attract special talents in the 1948 lands and use them in studies and survey researches along with doing some analysis.

They agreed to form a dedicated committee, from both the society and the university, to propose “Work Plan” to cooperate in research and prepare a MoU between the two as the first step of the joint work in many areas in the future.