The University Holds a Workshop About National Policies in Light of Environment Change and Its Impact on National Security

Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center at the Arab American University in Ramallah held a workshop entitled "National policies in light of environment change and its impact on national security " in cooperation with the Water Authority, Environmental Quality Authority, Energy Authority and Eco Palestine and with the attendance of representatives of official institutions and civil society.

Workshop about National policies in light of environment change and its impact on national security

The workshop was opened by a member of the Board of Directors from Policies and Conflict Resolution Studies Center at the University, Dr. Iyad Yacoub, were he welcomed the attendees. As he also discussed the role of the Center in the field of research in national policies in its various fields. He assured the importance of taking the necessary procedures on the national level to face the effects of environment change through importing and development technology, to achieve food, water, energy and environment security, and called on Palestinian universities to adopt technologies in their curricula to keep up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The participants assured that the occupation policy is the main reason of environmental problems in Palestine, and they touched on the international agreements related to climate change, which is implemented by the State of Palestine. They highlighted the impacts of climate change, especially water, environment, energy, international experiences, climate change and human security. Noting that the occupation is the main obstacle to the implementation of Palestinian policies and the implementation of international conventions, which joined Palestine, in order to reduce the effects of climate change.

As the participants also assured that there are Palestinian tasks and duties that must be undertaken, calling for intensified coordination between official institutions, civil society institutions, universities and research centers.