The University Hosts the Ceo of Paltel Group Mr. Ammar Al Aker in a Lecture for Masters Students in Ramallah

Monday, December 24, 2018

Arab American University hosted in Ramallah Campus the CEO of the Palestinian Communications Group “PAlTEL” Mr. Ammar Al Aker, in a lecture aimed for Master students in strategic planning and fundraising program, in the presence of the course teacher Dr. Dalal Erekat.

The University hosts the CEO of Paltel Group Mr. Ammar Al Aker in a lecture for Masters students in Ramallah

The lecture was about the experience of the strategic negotiations conducted by Paltel Group with the Palestinian Authority upon the renewal of work permits, which was signed on 28 December 2016

The lecture started with Dr. Erekat welcoming the guest, noting that the lecture came within Arab American University mission to show practical experiences of personalities who are responsible of building the success of the institutions. The course aims to provide students and researchers with the skills and strategies of modern negotiation, depending the study of economic and political cases to enrich their practical experiences from reality cases, gain skills and benefit from different negotiating experiences.

In his lecture, Mr. Amar Al-Aker CEO of Paltel Group addressed the seven key elements of Roger Fisher according to Harvard School of Negotiation Methodology, noting that he used these elements and theories during his negotiations.