The University Hosts the President of the Joint Arab Establishment Mr. Ayman Odeh at a Session on the Jewish National – State Law

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The university hosted the president of Joint Arab Establishment in the Knesset, Ayman Odeh, at a session entitled " Jewish National – State Law". The event was attended by the university's assistant director for community affairs Dr. Iyad Dalbeh, and the head of the culture department at the Faculty of Arts Dr. Jamal Hanisha, and a large number of students and university staff.

Part of the Session

Mr.Ayman presented a definition of the law of Jewish nationalism, and the aim of launching this law, that was prepared by the Zionist strategic center and all of the right-wing extremism, which controls the state, "Israel," explaining that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu if it continues it will officially announce that areas "C" are included to the State of "Israel", about 62% of the West Bank, noting that the Trump administration is concerned with the Jewish majority, he also pointed out that the law of Jewish nationalism reached to the deal of the century, stressing that the law is not against the Arabs within" Israel "but is against all Palestinians in general .