The University Hosts the Undersecretary of Media Ministry to Check its Achievements

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Arab American University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri welcomed the Undersecretary of Media Ministry Dr. Fayez Abu Aita, who visited the university with a delegation from the Ministry to check the studios of the Arabic Language and Media Department.

The University president Prof. Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri welcomes the Undersecretary of Media Ministry Dr. Fayes Abu Aita

During the reception, Prof. Dr. Abu Zuhri gave a detailed explanation of the university, its various faculties, academic programs in bachelor, masters and doctorate, and talked about the University new achievements to start an educational broadcast for students of the Arabic Language and Media department. Its pilot broadcasting will begin soon and a television studio are being equipped with the latest technologies to enable the students to easily train.

Dr. Abu Aita expressed his pleasure of the university's visit. Stressing, it’s a distinguish Palestinian national experience that should be emulated as the first private university in Palestine, noting the importance of mainstreaming the experience in several other areas throughout the country.

The two parties agreed to prepare an MoU to strengthen the relationship between the university and the Media Ministry in media training, exchanging experiences, hold lectures, and hosting conferences.

During the field tour, the university PR director Mr. Fathi E’mor briefed the undersecretary of the ministry and his following delegation on the university, its training centers, sports facilities, and the radio studios and television studio. Explaining, the Arabic language and Media department and it’s particularly important to the university administration and will continue to evolve to graduate distinct journalists and media persons.