University Organizes Lecture on Performance Arts Role in Creating Human– El-Funoun Dance Troupe as Model

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

In cooperation with Tamer Organization for Social Affairs

Arab American University in collaboration with Tamer Organization for Community Affairs organized a seminar on performing arts role in human construction - El-Funoun Dance Troupe to introduce the public and those interested in how El-Funoun Troupe succeeded in building human and Palestinian society.

Tamer’s Foundation representative Ahmad Amarneh started the lecture, thanking AAUP for organizing it. AAUP Lecturer at Arabic Language and Media department Mr. Said Abu Malla stressed on performing arts importance in conveying human message, pointing to this lecture importance and knowing El-Funoun Dance Troupe. Explaining, performing arts can’t be isolated from our heritage, it’s related to development. Pointing, AAUP is really interested in artistic aspects that promotes Palestinian identity and heritage.

Anas Abu Awn and Noura Bakir, El-Funoun Dance Troupe members, gave detailed explanation on the band’s journey since its establishment in 1979 and its first activity 38 years ago. The band started with 3 people’s initiative, they’ve participated in a cultural festival at Birzeit University, their experienced developed into an organization presented 15 original shows on patriotic themes; Palestinian heritage, and participated in more than 500 activity. They presented the band’s vision and goals on top of it spreading the Palestinian story through performance arts with participation of different Palestinian people and women involvement was essential as she is half of the society, also that volunteering is important part to join the band and mentioned a number of its accomplishments.

By end of the seminar, discussion and questions was opened for university students.