University Organizes Training Workshop Entitled "Aks Alseer"

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Arab American University Alumni Affairs department organized a training workshop entitled “Aks Alseer”, targeting university students and graduates presented by lecturer at Faculty of Art Mr. Fadi Juma.

Workshop participants

The workshop aimed to qualify students to involve in the labor market, how to manage stress and the mechanism of dealing with people

Head of Alumni Affairs department at Student Affairs Deanship Mr. Bilal Al Ashqar opened the workshop with a speech welcoming attendees, pointing to its importance in enhancing participants’ skills and prepare them to enroll in labor market. He mentioned that AAUP seeks to provide all possibilities in order to develop university students' and graduates experiences.         

The workshop addressed several topics, most notably, individual influence in society to be effective, decision maker, has the ability to stimulates, able to manage pressures and mechanism of dealing with different people, with the necessity of having specific goal, capable to manage life with its various circumstances.

Students were involved in the discussion and divided into groups to discuss several topics related to excellence, decision making, pursuit change, facing circumstances and create supportive environment to change society, as change starts from the self then change larger, more comprehensive things.

Trainer Fadi Juma thanked Students Affairs Deanship for their host and providing all necessities for the success of the workshop. He expressed his admiration of students’ level and motivation to participate in such events, which demonstrates their interest in developing themselves and take advantage of possible opportunities to develop themselves.