The University Organizes a Workshop Entitled "Integrating the Concepts and Methodologies of Archiving in Palestine"

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center at the University organized a workshop at the University campus in Ramallah under the title "Integrating the concepts and methodologies of archiving in Palestine". The Center hosted the experts, Ms. Orsina Bentel, and Mr. Kursin Blumen from the Swiss Center for Peace to discuss their experiences in dealing with archives in Guatemala, Cambodia and Argentina, by highlighting the important role of consolidating the database of archival institutions in these regions while preserving the privacy of the archival documents of each institution.

The University organizes a workshop entitled "Integrating the concepts and methodologies of archiving in Palestine"

The workshop was attended by representatives of official institutions, civil society organizations and a number of academics and researchers in archiving and in the national narrative in West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Director of the Center, Ms. Rola Shahwan assured the importance of these meetings and the continuous work for collecting archives. The Center's efforts are aimed to gather the efforts and increasing coordination in archiving for better results, along with a systematic approach for memory collection and the need to integrate the archive language and concepts. As she added that the center willing to cooperate with all archiving institutions.

The participants from the Islamic University in Gaza Strip also assured that archiving is a very important subject in the Gaza Strip due to the lack of efforts and projects that deal with this subject and welcomed any future ideas regarding collecting and documenting archival material in Gaza.

The participants also agreed on the need to create a specific vision for the archiving in Palestine by taking progress steps in enhancing these efforts, including preparing an archival policy paper for decision makers and forming a committee of archival institutions to standardize concepts and methodologies. Also perform a study day where research and study papers related to archiving are presented and recommended. As well as increasing awareness in archiving through university programs and obligatory courses for students.