The University Signs an Agreement to Support Innovation and Technology Transfer to Reflect the Concept of Intellectual Property

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Vice President of Arab American University Mr. Faleh Abu Arrah and the Minister of National Economy Mrs. Abeer Odeh signed an agreement to support innovation and technology transfer within the framework of cooperation between the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Ministry of National Economy in order to reflect the concept of intellectual property.

The University signs an agreement to support innovation and technology transfer to reflect the concept of intellectual property

Mr. Abu Arrah said, “that Arab American University gives great importance to scientific research, innovation and creativeness, and works to encourage researchers and innovators in all fields. This agreement aims to establish the researcher's right to research, innovate and invent, promote scientific research and create a research environment. Based on the interaction of researchers and students to reach innovative and pioneering ideas, which address many problems, highlights the important aspects of science, preserve the rights of researchers and students in their creations and research, and embody the concept of intellectual property for projects, research and innovations.

He added that Arab American University focuses on many courses that studies scientific research, and the constant search for information away from the methods of indoctrination, in order to push the university students and researchers to work continuously on conducting research and scientific projects to transform their ideas into pioneering works on regional and international levels and to start marketing themselves to companies and institutions in their respective fields and protect their intellectual rights and register their projects and research nationally in cooperation with the national economy in the fields of intellectual property and then work to register them globally.

For her part, the Minister of National Economy Mrs. Abeer Odeh talked about the Ministry's efforts in supporting the culture of innovation and protection of invention through the implementation and establishment of the National Heritage Center and the preparation of an innovation project in addition to the services provided by the Ministry for registration, which will allow international companies and investors access to Palestinian inventions.

She explained that the importance of the agreement is based on university students and is working to integrate universities into different programs, which will be reflected positively on students by focusing on creativity and invention to get out of the traditional pattern of education and focus on research and thus provide a lot of programs, assistance and strategies for Palestinian universities.

The minister praised the universities that signed the agreement to support innovation and transfer of technology: Arab American University, Polytechnic, An-Najah National University, Al-Quds University and Gaza University, as well as the Supreme Council for Innovation and Excellence, which represents three institutions. She added that the other concerned institutions will be joined in the future.