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The West Asian Football Federation (WAAF) Inspects the International Stadium of the University for Its Readiness to Host International and Asian Forums

Saturday, May 4, 2019

A delegation from the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) and the Palestinian Football Federation inspected the stadium of Arab American University for its readiness to host the upcoming international and Asian championships.

Part of the honoring

The delegation included the Director of Administrative Affairs of the West Asian Football Federation Aruba Al-Husseini and the International Relations Officer in the Palestinian Football Federation Iman Abu Jabr. The reception was attended by the Director of Sports Facilities at the University, Mr. Odi Darghmih.

During the inspection of the football field, Mr. Darghmih gave a brief about the facilities of the stadium, its ability to accommodate the audience, its various facilities, the rooms for player, judges, the monitors, a press conference hall and entry gates for the audience, players and judges.

Mr. Darghmih also said, that the university administration gives great interest in sports, for this purpose, a football stadium has been constructed within the FIFA International Standards, which officially become the home Stadium for Palestine by the AFC. It also provides a gym that is the largest in the country and accommodates more than 5,000 person and hosts various sports activities such as basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.  which it also it serves the university and locally for any sports activities.

As he added that the university administration is also working on building an Olympic swimming pool, which will soon be part of the sports village, to serve the university students and the Palestinian sports.

Al-Husseini expressed her happiness for the existence of a football stadium within international standards at Arab American University. She added that that is an added value to Palestinian sport in general and football in particular. She thanked the university administration for its great potentials to serve the Palestinian sport. As she added: This stadium has excellent technical specifications and is ready to host the upcoming championships in football.

Part of the visit