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Policy of the Journal

Policy of the Journal :

The Journal of the Arab American University (JAAU) is a Regional Refereed Research Journal concerned with publishing local, regional  and international research.  Manuscripts are published in Arabic or English. Submitted papers are treated confidentially.  

Articles submitted are subject to peer- review of  high standard specialized scientists. Authors are asked to present a pledge that the research is an original work, and has not been published or presented for publication elsewhere.

Open Access Policy :

The journal is committed to give free access to all articles as soon as they are published as a contribution of global exchange of knowledge.

Malpractice and Ethics Statement :


As a scientific refereed journal,  JAAUP follows a double-blind review process. Reviewers are provided with high standard guidelines to ensure high quality research and publication.
JAAUP is very sharp in keeping ethical research values and fighting plagiarism and misuse of published works. It will take legal actions for preventing such behavior.

Duties of Editors

  • Determine whether submitted papers are appropriate and in line within the scope of the Journal.
  • Determine an area editor for primary evaluation of submitted paper, and select reviewers.
  • Take a final editorial decision on submitted manuscript based on journal policies. The editors should take responsive measures when ethical complaints have been raised regarding a presented or published paper.
  • Communicate with the author and reviewers. 
  • Schedule accepted manuscripts for publication.

Fair Play

The editors should evaluate manuscripts  apart of discrimination suspicion related to race, gender, religion, sex, ethnicity, citizenship, or political belief of the authors.