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Journal of the Arab American University for Research Ranked #1 in Arab Impact Factor for the Year 2018

Monday, November 5, 2018

Arab American University Journal of Research obtained first place in the classification of the Arab impact factor for the year 2018, where it obtained an impact factor of 3.07, which is a great achievement for scientific research in the university in particular and Palestine in general.

The Arab Impact Factor provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the quality and reliability of specialized Arabic journals in all fields of knowledge. This impact is a measure of the importance of scientific journals within their field of research.

It also reflects the extent of new research referring to previously published research in the journal and cites it. The Journal of Higher Impact Factor is therefore more important and more reliable in the specialized scientific community.

The Dean of Scientific Research at the University, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal , Dr. Mahmoud Al-Manasrah said: "The achievement of the university journal to be ranked first place in Arab Impact factor for the year 2018 is a great achievement in addition to the achievements of the university and an evidence that the university administration dedicates special importance to scientific research that is the foundation of science and the key factor of progress of peoples well-being.

Regarding the importance of Arab impact factor, Dr. Manasra assured that it aims to introduce Arab researchers to the most prominent scientific journals in their fields, and to define the role of Arab publishing based on the publications of scientific journals, to the extent of the influence of these journals in their thematic specialties.

As well as the definition of Arab researchers to the extent of their scientific impact through the references to their studies published in the specialized Arab journals, and the disclosure of the most scientific and research institutions in the impact of scientific programs, through references to the work of its members of researchers


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