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أ.د هيثم أبو الرب

السيرة الذاتية: 

Managing Director of the Smart Grid Center – Extension in Qatar
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Texas A&M University at Qatar
Co-Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
Doha, Qatar, Education City, Texas A&M Engineering Building 
E-mail: haitham.abu-rubattamu.edu


Haitham Abu-Rub was born and raised in Qabatiya and finished his secondary school in Jenin. He holds two PhDs form Gdansk University of Technology and Gdansk University in Poland. He is currently a professor and the managing director of the Smart Grid Center at Texas A&M University at Qatar. He was promoted to Associate Professor at Birzeit University, Palestine, and to Professor at Texas A&M University, USA and Qatar.

Prof. Abu-Rub has research and teaching experiences at many universities in many countries including Palestine, Qatar, Poland, USA, UK, and Germany. Abu-Rub has served for five years as the chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering program at TAMUQ and for three years as the chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Birzeit University. His main research interests include power electronic converters, renewable energy systems, electric drives, and smart grid.

Prof. Abu-Rub is the recipient of many national and international awards and recognitions. He is the recipient of Fulbright and Alexander von Humboldt scholarships. Abu-Rub has successfully supervised and has been supervising many advanced research projects with over $20M funds. His research group contains many PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.

Prof. Abu-Rub has published more than 500 journal and conference papers, two issued patents, six books, and six book chapters. Prof. Abu-Rub is a Fellow of the IEEE and Co-Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics.