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Mrs. Nabila Jameel Taleb Assaf Assistant Dean of Admissions and Registration at Arab American University and lecturer at College of Finance and Administrative Sciences at AAU.

In 2004, graduated in Business Administration with Honors from...

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My name is Nadia Nabil Haj-Yasein; I studied Biology and Biotechnology in Arab American University, Jenin and graduated in 2004.

I have obtained my master degree from Ghent University in medical Molecular Biotechnology in 2006.


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Nadia Hamzeh Saba’neh Technical Development Department official at Supreme Council of Creativity.

Eng. Nadia Saba’neh is responsible for technical development at the Supreme Council for Innovation and Creativity along with multiple tasks...

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Works evaluator and examiner for patent at the Australian Patent Office (IP Australia) in electricity, electronics and communication engineering department. He has recently promoted to lead a group of  residents.

Nidal Ahmad Saleem Odeh...

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