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مشاريع الأبحاث الداخلية

دورة 1 : 2018-2019
الكلية - الدائرة المشروع
كلية طب الأسنان - قسم طب الأسنان Somatic Mutation Profile Among Young-Onset Primary Colorectal Cancer in Palestine
كلية طب الأسنان - قسم طب الأسنان Radiographic assessment of the prevalence of iatrogenic failure in root canal treatment in correlation with location and morphology variations of anterior, premolar, and molar teeth among Palestinian population of west bank and Jerusalem
كلية العلوم - قسم الكيمياء Photoelectrochemical Properties of Electrodeposited Cupric Oxide Film Electrodes Coated with Different Conducting Polymers
كلية العلوم - قسم الكيمياء Surface Modification and doping of Semiconductor thin film: Effects on Band-Edge Positions, Short Circuit Current, photoelectrochemical efficiency and Surface Stability in Aqueous Photoelectrochemistry
كلية العلوم - قسم الكيمياء Electrochemical Sensors Based on Conducting Polymer Nanomaterials
كلية العلوم - قسم العلوم الحياتية والتقنيات الحيوية Reprogramming of human somatic cells into induced neural stem cells via mRNA reprogramming
كلية العلوم - قسم العلوم الحياتية والتقنيات الحيوية Characterization of bioactive phytochemical compounds from Mediterranean medicinal plants as an approach to develop natural-based drug leads