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التبادل الاكاديمي مع جامعة يوروبا - فلنسبورغ - ألمانيا

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الجمعة, مارس 29, 2019

اذا كنت مهتم بدراسة فصل دراسي في جامعة يوروبا- فلنسبورغ، فإن الإعلان يخصك، اقرأ الإعلان ومن ثم عبئ الطلب للتنافس مع زملائك لكسب هذه الفرصة!

وقعت الجامعة العربية الأمريكية اتفاقية ضمن التبادل الاكاديمي لبرنامج ايراسموس+  مع جامعة Europa-University Flensburg ، وفي هذا الصدد، نود الإعلان عن تبادل اكاديمي لدراسة فصل دراسي كامل (فصل الخريف 2019/2020) في جامعة يوروبا فلنسبورغ في ألمانيا وذلك لطلبة البكالوريوس والماجستير في تخصصات مختلفة. 


Mobility to Europa-University Flensburg- Germany

Are you interested in studying one semester in Europa-University Flensburg, then please read the announcement, apply to compete your colleagues and win this chance!

Within the academic mobility of Erasmus+ program and with cooperation with Europa-University Flensburg we would like to announce for an academic mobility for BA and MA students in different subjects at AAUP to study a complete semester (Fall semester 2019/2020) at Europa-University Flensburg in Germany. The mobility will be between Sep 1, 2019 - Feb 29, 2020.

-  The university follows an open door policy, which means students can take courses of different study programs with the consent of the teaching staff.

- Free German language level and skill courses for incoming students as well as German culture courses.

- Free English upper intermediate and advance level language courses. Language courses for 10 additional languages are also on offer.

- Free Academic Culture course to help the students prepare to study in Germany.

- A wide range of extra-curricular activities such as excursions and events in and around Flensburg organized by the International Center

- Incoming students will be fully supported before and during their stay (e.g. looking for accommodation, pick-up service from the airport, etc.)

- Excellent study and living conditions in a middle-sized bicultural city at the border with Denmark (with a lower cost of living compared to major German cities), beautiful beaches and surroundings with many leisure and outdoor facilities. Being located only 150 km from Flensburg, Hamburg is right on the doorstep.


Here is a list of the subjects that are offered through this mobility and the courses offered for each subject: 

1. English Language for BA students: you will study the following courses during that semester

• Module: Introduction to Language and Literature

- PS Introduction to Literature

- PS Intr.to Language & Linguistics

- Ü Grammar


• Module: Practical English Written Language Production

- PS Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language

- Ü Writing Skills


• Module: Practical English and Cultural Studies

- Ü Oral Communication

- PS Cultural Studies: American History

- V American Literary History


2. Business for BA students: you will study the following courses during that semester:

  • Microeconomics
  • International Finance
  • Institutional Change in Capitalist Economies and Societies
  • International Financial Accounting
  • International Business Ethics
  • Anglo-American Law
  • Latin American Economic and Social Development


3. Intercultural Communication and Literature for MA students: you will study two to three courses from the following list during that semester:

  • Event Management: Konzertorganisation
  • Promoting and Suppressing Linguistic Diversity: Language Policy and Minority language
  • Project Photography
  • Worldly Philosophers – economic thought and thinkers from the Bible until today
  • New Trends in Media Business and Cultural Management
  • Literature Seminar: Interculturality
  • Watching Others: Spaces of Surveillance
  • Literature and Cultural Criticism – From Rousseau to Houellebecq


4. Conflict Resolution for MA students: you will study from the following courses during that semester:

  • European Law
  • Institutional and Constitutional Economics
  • European Contemporary History
  • European Regional Integration
  • European Governance I
  • European Political Economy
  • European Border Region Development


Elective Modules

(5-10 ECTS depending on the number of courses taken in these modules):

  • Concepts of Europe and Politics of the EU
  • European Business Economics
  • External Relations of the EU 


5. Business Administration for MA students: you will study from the following courses during that semester:

  • Global Ethics: Marketing and Media Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice
  • Industrial Relations
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • English I - Language competence
  • Spanish I - Spanish in Business and Society I


The cost of living is generally slightly lower than in major German cities. Students are recommended to budget for a minimum of 600 € to 700 € monthly, including rent. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are available in the main campus refectory (Mensa) open on weekdays from 8:30 to 4:00. The menu includes daily vegetarian dishes.

Initial one-off costs

Cost in €

Transport from Hamburg (airport) to Flensburg

approx. 40 €

Accommodation deposit (will be refunded by the end of your stay)

300 €

Rent for March (if applicable)

200 € -245 €

Contribution to Student Services (semester fee)

110 €

Basics (bed linen, cutlery/china, toiletries)

50 €

Telephone card

30 €

Intensive language course


Approximate  monthly costs

Cost in €

Rent - room in student halls of residence or

200 €-245 €

Private accommodation

220 € -350 €

Food (minimum)

250 € -300 €

Health Insurance (if required)

92 €


Additional costs may occur for

Travel within Germany, books and materials, leisure activities (sport, etc.)


If you are still interested please fill the application in English and send it through email to: projects.grantsataaup.edu no later than March 29, 2019.

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