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Prof. Prof . Zaki Saleh Articles

Date Title
2015 Dependence of plasmonic enhance- ment of photocurrent in a-Si:H on the position and thickness of SiNx spacer layers
2015 Advanced light trapping interface for a-Si:H thin film, Physica Status Solidi C (PSS-C)
2015 Optimized Spacer Layer Thickness for Plasmonics-induced Enhancement of Photocurrent in a-Si:H
2015 Optoelectronic properties of nanostructured Si prepared at low temperature by Inductively Coupled Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (ICP-CVD)
2014 Atmospheric and light-induced effects in nanostructured silicon deposited by capacitively and inductively-coupled plasma, International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering
2014 Atmospheric Aging and Light-induced Degradation of Amorphous and Nanostructured Silicon Using Photoconductivity and Electron Spin Resonance
2013 Enhanced Optical Absorption and Spectral Photocurrent in a-Si:H by Single- and Double-Layer Silver Plasmonic Interfaces
2013 Recombination mechanisms in hydrogenated silicon nanocrystalline thin films
2013 Fabrication of Ag Nanoparticles Embedded in Al:ZnO as Potential Light-Trapping Plasmonic Interface for Thin Film Solar Cells. Plasmonics
2013 Design and investigation of SST/nc-Si:H/M(M=Ag, Au, Ni) and M/nc-Si:H/M multifunctional devices, Advances in OptoElectronics
2001 Systems and methods for dry cleaning process chambers
1997 High deposition rate a-Si:H for the flat panel display industry
1994 Influence of the deposition rate of the a-Si:H channel of the field-effect mobility of TFTs deposited in VHF glow discharge
1993 Trapping and recombination of photo-generated carriers in as grown, high temperature annealed and light soaked a Si:H
1993 A comparative study of defect states in light-soaked and high-temperature-annealed a-Si:H
1993 Nuclear-magnetic resonance relaxation in glassy Cu As S and Cu As Se
1992 Potential role of charged dangling bonds in transient LESR of light soaked a Si:H
1992 Stable, metastable and charged defects in a Si:H; a transient LESR study
1992 Light induced ESR investigations of the role of hydrogen in the stability of a Si:H
1992 Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance as a Non-Destructive Testing Tool
1991 Possible atomic diffusion of Cu in glassy Cu As Se
1989 Nuclear quadrupole resonance in Cu As S and Cu As Se systems
1989 63Cu NMR studies of local structural order in the Cu As S and Cu As Se systems