Friday, September 4, 2020
The Accreditation Letter of the Bachelor in Medicine Program in Arab American University

AAUP has never published any accreditation letter for it new programs, except after the program gets the official accreditation, however, skeptic voices of our credibility and transparency increased! AAUP will continue in providing services for all Palestinian people… this is a university for all Palestinians 

Attached the Accreditation letter from the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, dated Aug.16th, 2020.

Monday, August 19, 2019
During the Event

AAUP signed a collaboration agreement with Jacksonville University in Florida-USA for launching a PH.D. program in Nursing.

AAUP presented by Prof. Waleed Deeb the Academic Advisor signed the agreement with Jacksonville University presented by Prof. Randy Friburn Vice President, and Prof. Christine Sabianza, Vice-Academic, with in the presence of Prof. Mohamed Asia Assistant President at AAUP for Medical Faculties Affairs.

Prof. Christine Sabianza assured that this agreement is a result of Jacksonville University high confidence in AAUP in general and in the faculty of Nursing in particular, as for its academic reputation, faculty members and its graduates.

Sunday, July 28, 2019
AAUP & Academy of Fine Arts, Verona Sign an Agreement for launching a Bachelor's Program in Interior Architecture

AAUP & Academy of Fine Arts, Verona Signed a Partnership Agreement for launching a Bachelor's Program in Interior Architecture to be studied at AAUP. The signing ceremony was held in Verona City.

The Agreement was signed by the two parties, where Prof Waleed Deeb Academic Advisor presented AAUP, and Mr. Marco Jeratsoni the president of the Academy of Fine Arts, Verona. With the presence of Faculty members, the Mayor of Verona, and a number of consuls.


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