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Sunday, March 12, 2023
AAUP Heart Center Receives the "Program Coordination & Administration Training" Certificate Approved by the American Heart Association

The Heart Center at the Arab American University obtained the accreditation of the Program Coordination & Administration Training (PCAT), which is an international certificate accredited by the American Heart Association. This Accreditation was obtained after completing the training and requirements in cooperation with King Hussein Cancer Center in Jordan.

This accreditation was granted to the administrative personnel who supervise the Heart Center at the Arab American University in terms of the significant knowledge and skills required to fulfill the responsibility of the coordinators at international training centers.

Sunday, March 5, 2023
AAUP Faculty of Nursing Receives the Initial US Accreditation for the Bachelor of Nursing Program

The Faculty of Nursing at the Arab American University obtained the initial American accreditation for the Bachelor of Nursing program from the American National Commission for the Accreditation of Nursing Educational Programs

NLN CNEA (National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation).

This accreditation is the result of the hard work and the great effort exerted by the faculty administration and the academic and administrative staff over the past years and as a result of the qualifications to apply for international accreditations, the most important of which is the availability of an appropriate and distinguished educational environment, advanced teaching methods that keep pace with technology and everything new in the field of nursing, and the presence of trained and qualified faculty members.

Thursday, February 9, 2023
The Faculty of Dentistry at the Arab American University Officially Receives the International ADEE Leader Accreditation

The Arab American University has officially and finally received the International ADEE LEADER Accreditation Report for the Faculty of Dentistry, by MAC International Consulting, in addition to receiving the official and accredited logo. Thus, it is the first university in Palestine and the second in the region after the American University of Beirut.

This took place during a visit by representatives of the MAC International Consulting Company, Dr. Nibal Sabri and Eng. Yasmine Abu Bakr. They were received by the Vice President for Medical Faculties Affairs, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asia, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Muayad Abusaa, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mohammad Jaradat, Director of the Office of Quality Development at the University, Eng. Ahmed Fouad, and the ADEE Staff at the Faculty of Dentistry.


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