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Allied Medical Sciences

Tuesday, April 30, 2024
AAUP Concludes the Free Acupuncture Medical Week

The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences concluded the free medical week for acupuncture (Acupuncturists Without Borders-AWB) at the University Medical Rehabilitation Complex clinics, in cooperation with Doctors Without Borders, based in the American state of Oregon.

The event was held over four working days by providing treatment for medical cases suffering from fears, anxiety, stress and depression, in addition to post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain. The number of the cases was over one hundred and thirty.

The provision of acupuncture treatment was supervised by a medical team and health staff specialized in Chinese medicine techniques and guided psychotherapy, led by Dr. Nawal Awad, a Chinese medicine specialist, and Dr. Wael Abu Al-Hassan, a lecturer at the University and a specialist in clinical psychology.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024
The Arab American University Signs a Cooperation Agreement with ASTEMIED Company for Medical and Hearing Solutions

In a pioneering step towards developing the education and health services sector, the Arab American University has signed a strategic memorandum of cooperation with ASTEMIED Company for Medical and Hearing Solutions.

The agreement was signed with the presence of the University’s Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Bara Asfour, the University’s Vice President for Ramallah Campus, Professor Mohammad Asia, and the Director of Administration and Operations of ASTEMIED Company, Mr. Mustafa Obaidi.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024
AAUP Holds a Free Medical Day for Families from the Local Community

Today, the Arab American University hosted people from the neighboring villages and towns of Qabatiya, Zababda, Misliya, Raba and Jalqamous for a free medical day.

The free medical day for families included medical, advisory, and therapeutic services provided by brain, neurosurgery, and spine specialist Dr. Malik Zaben, orthopedic and joint surgery specialist, Dr. Imad Abu Al Rub, dental and maxillofacial surgery specialist, Dr. Mohammad Riyad Jaradat as well as Dr. Ahed Zakarneh.


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