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Allied Medical Sciences

Sunday, September 15, 2019
Part of the meeting

AAUP President Prof. Ali Abu Zuhri and VP of Training Affairs Dr. Nizam Diab, met with a group of students from faculty of allied medical sciences and faculty of IT and Engineering whom have received training opportunities in Arab Universities, along with the Dean of the Faculty of IT and Engineering Dr. Mujahid Alayat, Dean Assistant of Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences Dr. Mohammed Al-Jamal, and the Training Coordinator of Faculty of IT and Engineering Dr. Osama Al-Omari.

Where Prof. Abu Zuhri explored the training materials of the students, their training was held in Jordanian and Egyptian Universities, as he was introduction to the benefit of these trainings and assured to the importance of providing such trainings to enhance the student’s skills and personalities, furthermore to deepen the relations of exchange students and exchange experiences. Noting that the student that is sent for such training is an ambassador of his university with pride, where the university always seeks to provide the necessary support for its students.  

Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Part of the Workshop

Mr. Ayman Odeh Head of the Joint Arab Establishment visits the University to check on students from the Palestinian 1948 Territories those who are specialized in Medical programs, where he was welcomed by Prof. Mohammad Asia President Assistant for Medical School Affairs and Dean of Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences.

Prof. Asia gave an introduction about AAUP and its faculties and medical specializations assuring that the university continuously seeks to develop and create new specializations to meet with the labor market, adding the AAUP also seeks to provide all the necessary for its students.

Sunday, July 21, 2019
Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences

AAUP Announces the Start of a New Bachelor’s Program in Environmental Sciences and Technology at Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, that is distinguished in connecting environmental issues such as water, soil, food and climate change with modern technological means to stay abreast of the developments in this field, as well as to keep in line with the global trend in the environment and the negative impact of the environment on human health in order to control these effects.

This program enables students and those who wish to enroll in this program to process various environmental tests through the acquisition of knowledge in modern technology that examines food, agricultural, water and environmental pollutants. The graduates will also be able to work in different sectors and institutions such as the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture, Education, Labor, Health and Water Authority. In addition to private and civil institutions that works in food, agriculture and water.


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