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Tuesday, May 23, 2023
AAUP Hosts the International Trainer Dr. Monther Al-Haram in a Training Workshop for Students on Human Development

The Arab American University hosted the international trainer, Dr. Monther Al-Haram, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Victoria Academy for Consulting and Training in Britain, in a two-day training workshop on human development, targeting university students. The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Ambassadors for Global Development Organization.

Dr. Monther Al-Haram, of Libyan origin, holds British citizenship, is an international trainer accredited by several international institutions, resides in Britain, and holds many positions, including head of the Arab and Islamic community in Nottingham, chairman of the Victorian Academy for Consulting and Training in Britain, and a member of the Academy’s board of directors of Ambassadors of global development for training and development. He trained in 48 countries.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022
AAUP Is Organizing A Training Event For Students Of The Arabic Language And Media Department Around The Principles In Economic Journalism

The Arabic Language and Media department in the faculty of Arts at The Arab American University organized a training event under the tile “principles in economic journalism” that targeted the department’s students in cooperation with the network of economists journalists and the Palestinian Press Union.

In presence of the representatives of the commercial journalists network Ayham Abu Gosh and Yousef Al-Zawawi, the Palestinian Journalists Union, Dr. Imad Abu Hasan the head of the Arabic Language and Media Department, Saeed Abu Mulaa the vice dean of the Modern Media Faculty, and Dr. Mahmood Khloof a lecturer at the Arabic Language and Media department.

Thursday, March 24, 2022
Moral Education and its Role in Enhancing the Civil Peace

Attended by Dr. Imad Abuhassan- the Head of the Department of Arabic and Media Department in Arab American University, the department students and some speakers, the Department organized a workshop about “Moral education and its role in promoting and the civil peace”. Speakers presented different papers in morals and skills to enhance and promote dialogue and the culture of individual and behavior.

Dr. Imad Abuhassan- the Head of the Department discussed a paper that focused on the importance of morals to keep the social fabric and presented the impact of morals on many of the problems and how morals can increase the trust and safety connections in the community. He explained the effect of technology in our current time as it helps in spreading the screen culture and consuming culture as well as transferring the individual into a prisoner.


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