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Business Administration PhD

Monday, October 21, 2019
Professor John Dugger

AAUP welcomes Prof. John Dugger.

Prof. John had more than 34 academic experience from both Iowa & Michigan Universities in USA

A specialist in technology, Professional services, and scientific research.

Received more than 2.ml dollars grants and published 54 research in international scientific journals

Prof. John will be teaches Ph.D. in Business students, Research Methods Course at AAUP


Sunday, October 6, 2019
Part of the agreement signature

AAUP and TNB announced the signing of a fund agreement for student’s scholarships of doctoral program in business a joint program with Indiana University of Pennsylvania-USA, this came during a press conference held at AAUP campus- Ramallah. The agreement was signed by the two parties TNB General Manager Mr. Ahmad Hassan, President Assistant of AAUP Eng. Bara Asfour, with the attendance of TNB Chairman of Board of Directors Mr. Talal Nasser Eldin and AAUP Chairman of Boards of Directors Dr. Yousef Asfour, TNB board member Mr. Samer Ezraq, Academic Advisor Prof. Waleed Deeb.

Under the agreement, TNB will grant two scholarships with an amount of 100,000 USD which will be disbursed over a three years period as scholarships dedicated only for students in the Ph.D. program in Business with preference given to female students, with a condition that total GPA must not be less than 3.

Monday, June 17, 2019
Students of Ph.D program in Business

An Orientation Day for students in PhD program in Business organized by the Faculty of Graduate Studies where the University announced the start of teaching PhD program in Business with a joint collaboration of Indiana University in Pennsylvania, USA.

The Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Dr. Abdulrahman Abu Libdeh, said: "The University announced a year and a half ago that the university has received an accreditation for a worldwide unique program. Today, the University is celebrating the first meeting of this doctoral program and announced the start of teaching it. As he pointed out the high interest of the business sector in enhancing and supporting this program, where he thanked the Bank of Palestine for their Scholarship offer for the doctoral students.


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