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Thursday, February 2, 2023
A Delegation from the Robotel Canadian Company Visits the Language Centre at AAUP to Discuss Cooperation

A delegation from the Robotel Canadian Company visited the Language Centre at the Arab American University to discuss the mechanism of cooperation and conclude an agreement regarding the services provided by the Company in the field of electronic support through digital technology, virtual reality, and the Smart Plus program.

The delegation consisted of the CEO of the Company in Canada, Yank Demers, the Executive Director of the Purpose Company in Palestine, Mr. Lutfi Abu Salim, and the Programs Director at the Purpose Company, Ms. Maram Hamdan.

The delegation was received by the Director of the Language Centre, Mr. Hasan Kamail, the Assistant Director of the Language Centre, Ms. Areej Shalbak, and the Laboratory Technician, Mr. Mohammed Ighbariya.

Thursday, September 22, 2022
The University Participates in a School Visit to the Higher School of Technology at the Canadian University of Quebec

The Head of the Data Science Department at the Arab American University, Dr. Ahmad Hasasneh, made a two-month scientific research visit to the Higher School of Technology (ETS) at the University of Quebec in Canada, funded by the Palestinian-Quebec Science Bridge, which is supervised by the Palestine Academy of Science and Technology (PALAST).

Regarding the research visit, Dr. Hasasneh confirmed that it dealt with the preparation of a research proposal that will be jointly implemented by the Arab American University and the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada, on developing a system based on diagnosing infant crying in order to early identify the diseases they suffer from, based on advanced machine learning algorithms. , and use the built-in features of vocal crying signals.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Vice President of International Relations Dr. Dalal Erekat met with Ms. Karuna Osman, international marketing consultant from the famous University of Waterloo in Ramallah. Ms. Osman also represented several Canadian universities during her visit to Palestine, as Wilfred Laurier University, Trent University and University of New Brunswick.

During the meeting Dr. Erekat gave a presentation about the university and its unique new academic programs offered by the university. She also discussed several aspects of cooperation, including student exchange between the two universities, and the possibility of academic partnership in different programs


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