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Sunday, August 22, 2021
AAUP Starts the Celebrations of the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts

Under the auspices of the President of the State of Palestine, His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen", Arab American University celebrated the graduation ceremony of the 17th and the 18th cohorts, and the first day was a great celebration for the students of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the firsts in each faculty and department.

The celebration was under the auspices of the President of the State of Palestine, His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen" and attended remotely by his representative Prof. Mahmoud Abu Mwais- the Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with a recorded speech, Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri- the University President, Members of the Board of Trustees, Major General Mr. Akram Rjoub- Jenin’s Governor, Mr. Ahmad Al Haj Hassan, Ms. Hania Albitar, the Vice President and the assistants to the President, the members of the Dean’s Council, Mr.

Thursday, October 8, 2020
A delegation from Jawwal gifted AAUP on its 20th anniversary

A Delegation from Jawwal visited Arab American University to congratulate on its 20th anniversary and on its excellence in providing modern educational services to the Palestinian students.

Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri- the University President, Dr. Mo’ayad Abu Saa’- the VP for Academic Affairs, Eng. Bara’ Asfour- the Assistant to the President and Mr. Mohammad Mas’ad- the Administrative Affairs Department Manager were in the reception of the delegation of Jawwal of Mr. Tha’er AbuBaker- the Sales Department Manager, Mr. Ameer Turkyeh- the Head of the Strategic Accounting Department and Mr. Islam Frehat- the Corporate Account Manager.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
AAUP celebration in its 20th anniversary

In a virtual ceremony and while lighting its buildings in both Jenin and Ramallah campuses, Arab American University announced the beginning of its celebrations on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, along with projecting a film about the development of the university in the academic, researches and structural fields.

Prof. Ali Ziedan Abu Zuhri- the University President in his speech at the ceremony said: “We now virtually celebrating the 20th anniversary of our university due to COVID-19. This pandemic showed the world the importance of education to serve humanity, and this was and still is a base in our university as it aims to be an academic edifice to serve the community and fulfill its needs. Arab American University has succeeded to guarantee the continuity of the educational process during emergency circumstances and proved its capability to create new ways to keep the value of its mission.”


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