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Commercial Law

Saturday, August 5, 2017
Researcher Mohammad Rasheed Al-Atrash thesis defense

Researcher Mohammad Rasheed Al-Atrsahs, Commercial Law student at Arab American University Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended his master thesis titled “Court Supporting Role for the Jury in International and Internal Arbitration”.

He discussed the court's supportive role to the jury as it’s not considered a corrective or a mere oversight role in case of law violation, it’s a supporting role to arbitral tribunal authorized to adjudicate the dispute. This role is linked to the arbitral dispute in all its stages. Therefore, relationship between the court originally competent to consider the dispute and the arbitral tribunal is complementary relationship, each complements the other according to the rules of law to achieve better justice.

Saturday, July 22, 2017
Researcher Rahmeh Abdul Karim Salman thesis defense

Researcher Rahmeh Abdul Karim Salman, Commercial Law student at Arab American University Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended her master thesis titled “Legal regulation for Factoring Contract and how it’s applied in Palestine”.

In her thesis, researcher mentioned the Factoring Contract legal regulations and possibility to apply it in Palestine, future applying and procurement obstacles. She referred to the theory of right transfer as an updated legal framework applied to the factoring contract as well as the judicial decisions that dealt with rights transfer that harmonize with the Ottawa Convention of 1981, taken by right transfer. Also she relied to Article 13 of Decree Law No. 9 of 2010 on the Palestinian track to strengthening her theory and make this contract valid and applicable in Palestine.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Ibrahim Khalid Yahya thesis defense

Researcher Ibrahim Khalid Yahya, commercial law student at Faculty of Graduate Studies at Arab American University, defended his thesis titled “The Role of Hard-Ship Theory in Contract Balancing in International Trade”.

“The international commercial contract surrounding circumstances affect parties’ obligations. One of them may become burdened with difficulties that would not have been taken into account at the contraction time, if such circumstances hadn’t occurred. And if the national contract was subject to such conditions its financial and economic viability and impact on countries’ economies makes these changing circumstances impact bigger and requires different solutition”.


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