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Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Part of the Seminar

The University host a Seminar Entitled “Education in Jerusalem & Pioneers of Jerusalem” organized by the Ministry of Culture on the occasion of announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Islamic culture.

The speakers assured the importance of the seminar where it sheds light on the cultural reality in the occupied city of Jerusalem, and it is the beginning of other activities and events that will be held until April of 2020, pointing out that these activities aim to highlight the reality of the city and its history and civilization.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Part of the Lecture

The University hosted the Media and Communication Advisor in the Negotiations Affairs Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization Samar Awadallah in a lecture organized by the Office Community Affairs at the University. The lecture aimed students from democracy and human rights course.

Awadallah presented a historical view of the centennial of Balfour Declaration mentioning the Nakba in 1948, the establishment of the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1965, the launching of the Palestinian revolution and the 1967 war, the first Intifada and subsequent Oslo agreement, the rise of the Extreme Israeli Right in governing and fighting against peace in all its forms. Assuring the importance of taking advantage of past experiences and emphasizing our options through peaceful resistance.

Monday, April 1, 2019
Part of the Workshop

The Office of the Assistant President for Community Affairs at AAUP organized a workshop about culinary culture and French food, in partnership with the French Cultural Center of the French Consulate, the workshop hosted French media chef specialists Francois Roboth and Philippe Bourguignon, and the former general manager of Paris' most famous restaurants.

The workshop is part of the French Cooking Week in the Palestinian territories in its fifth edition.

The workshop was opened by the Assistant President of Community Affairs Dr. Iyad Dalbah, in a speech he welcomed the attendance, pointing out the importance of other cultures knowledge, assuring the benefit of networking between various international institutions and the university.


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