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Saturday, September 12, 2020
A Study by the Research and Poll Center in AAUP : 74%  of the Palestinians Believe that Imposing Fines and Penalties will Help in Obligating Citizens to Respect COVID-19 Safety Measures

* 63% of the Palestinians approve that fines and sanctions should be obligated on all citizens to wearing masks and gloves.

* 74% of the Palestinians believe that financial penalties will help in obligating citizens to wearing masks and gloves in open places and to keep social distancing with others.

 * 54% of the Palestinians think that the security agencies do not implement these violations.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Molecular Genetics and Genetic Toxicology Laboratories in AAUP

In a recent survey study done by the poll center in Arab American University and after a field survey to try to know the rate of people who were infected by COVID-19, it was concluded that the Palestinian people are far from the herd immunity. The rate of the Palestinian people in the West Bank who are actually holding antibodies to the virus is less than 0.5%.

Researchers took over 1335 random samples from Palestinians living in the different cities of the West Bank who agreed to be part of the study. The samples were laboratory tested to find out if there are any COVID-19 antibodies in the participants’ blood.

Results showed that only 0.5% of Palestinian people have antibodies of the virus and concluded that the Palestinian people are far away from the “herd immunity” and is still susceptible to be infected with the virus.

Sunday, July 19, 2020
Part of the online Seminar via Zoom

Under collaboration between the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences in Arab American University and the Consumer Protection Association, AAUP organized an online Seminar through Zoom, entitled “The e-marketing reality during COVID-19 pandemic”. 

Dr. Abdulbaset Rabaaya- the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences opened the Seminar and praised the rapid development that the e-marketing is witnessing. He presented some statistics of the marketing budgets of USA and UK and said that 65% of internet users in Palestine use smart devices.

Dr. Mahmoud Yasin, a professor in AAUP talked about the importance of social media in the e-marketing business, and said that nowadays most companies use the social media to market their products online.


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