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Culture Minister

Saturday, November 4, 2017
Mohammad Ghannam takes over as Culture Minister

An hour after announcing the challenge he accepted
Mohammed Ghannam, a student at Arab American University's Faculty of Law, took over the Ministry of Culture for a whole day after challenging Dr. Ehab Bsaiso, who accepted the challenge and vacated. Ghannam had a busy day. He signed a number of decisions.

It all started with a message from student Ghannam, published on social media, in which he challenged the Culture Minister Dr. Ehab Bsaiso to take his place, become minister for a day. An initiative where young people took ministerial and senior positions for one day. Dr. Bsaiso accepted one hour after posting.

It’s as an important ministry and we can enhance society, particularly young people, Mohammed Ghannam explaining why he chose the Ministry of Culture. He said he carries several messages from youths most importantly that he can manage tasks and responsibilities.

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