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Sunday, July 30, 2017
Part of Jihan Ahmad Saleh defense

Researcher Jihan Ahmed Saleh, student of the Conflict Resolution and Development Program at Arab American University Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended her thesis on “Jerusalem in the Palestinian-Israeli Negotiations”.

In her thesis, she discussed Jerusalem in the Palestinian-Israeli Negotiations since Madrid Conference in 1991 until the date of writing the study and these negotiations repercussions on Jerusalem’s geopolitical reality and future. Highlighting, local and regional conditions and changes that led Palestine Liberation Organization to join the peace process with “Israel”. Pointing, this study is important for discussing one of the toughest final status issues in the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Researcher Mufid Mohammad Bitar, Commercial Law Student at Arab American University Faculty of Graduate Studies in Ramallah campus, defended his thesis titled “Legal Protection for Financial Deposit in Palestine”.

The researcher addressed the deposit protection aspects through extensive supervision executed by the Palestinian Monetary Authority, which prevents crises and Bank financial failures. Also he talked about Palestinian Deposit Insurance Company role after the Monetary Authority decision to liquate the bank.

By the end of defense, the committee of thesis supervisor and head of committee Dr. Anas Abu Al-Own, Arab American University internal examiner Dr. Yousef Shandi and external examiner from Birzeit University Dr. Mahmoud Doudeen, decided to give Bitar a Master Degree.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Ibrahim Khalid Yahya thesis defense

Researcher Ibrahim Khalid Yahya, commercial law student at Faculty of Graduate Studies at Arab American University, defended his thesis titled “The Role of Hard-Ship Theory in Contract Balancing in International Trade”.

“The international commercial contract surrounding circumstances affect parties’ obligations. One of them may become burdened with difficulties that would not have been taken into account at the contraction time, if such circumstances hadn’t occurred. And if the national contract was subject to such conditions its financial and economic viability and impact on countries’ economies makes these changing circumstances impact bigger and requires different solutition”.


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