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Monday, August 23, 2021
The First Graduates from the Master in Data Sciences and Business Analytics Defend their Thesis

Ramzi Assaf, Nizar Shanaa and Helmi Darwish Haji are three students in the Master in Data Sciences and Business Analytics defended their thesis in Artificial Intelligence related fields.

Researcher Ramzi Assaf built a system that can predict the loans’ default in Bank of Palestine Ltd, as he collected many algorithms of supervised machine learning using data to train the program. The research concluded some great results that will benefit Bank of Palestine as they will predict if any loan request will not be fulfilled in the future.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Faculty of Graduate Studies Granted Sajeda Fraihat the Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics

Student Sajeda Fraihat – a student at the Master in Applied Mathematics in Arab American University defended her thesis under the title “Using Principal Component Analysis and Linear Discriminant Analysis as Dimensionality Reduction Techniques”.

databases is one of the recent sciences that aim to reduce time and effort for the models of machines and the artificial intelligence.

The committee of Dr. Hasan Hanayshe – the Student Supervisor, Dr. Mahmoud Manasra- the Internal Examiner and Dr. Inad Nawajaa- the External Examiner from Hebron University decided to grant Sajeda Fraihat the Master’s Degree.

Sunday, July 4, 2021
Thesis Defense about the US Usage of Strategic Political Communication via "Twitter" in Promoting the "Deal of the Century"

Researcher Mousa Amr Khalil – a student at the Master in Contemporary Public Relations Program in the Faculty of Graduate Studies in AAUP defended his thesis under the topic of “the US Usage of Strategic Political Communication via Twitter in Promoting the Deal of the Century”.

The study aimed to reveal the mechanisms that Donald Trump- the former US President used to make Twitter as the main strategic political communication tool to promote the deal of the century and the other agreements with the Arab countries. The researcher explained that Trump used Twitter to spot light on the convincing techniques, especially the ones related to the message specifications and the propaganda technology.  


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