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Sunday, December 2, 2018
Part of discussion of the researcher Hala Deaibes, a student of strategic planning and fundraising

Researcher Hala Deaibes, a student of strategic planning and fundraising in the Graduate Studies Faculty at Arab American University, discussed her MA thesis titled "The role of social media marketing in building customer relationships in mobile phone companies in Palestine".

The researcher reviewed the role of social media in influencing the building of customer relations from the point of view of the customer as a strategic marketing tool regarding marketing communications of the consumers of different social networking sites for Jawwal customers in Palestine as a case study. The researcher focused on the lack of information in the using social media and the effective adoption of various means of social communication in the mobile phone companies in Palestine.

Sunday, November 4, 2018
Researcher Ola Waleed Ahmad Adawi, a student of strategic planning at the Faculty of Graduate Studies

The researcher, Ola Walid Ahmed Adawi, a student of strategic planning in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University Ramallah Campus, discussed her thesis entitled (The impact of the National Development Plan from 2014 till 2016 on the economic empowerment of the Palestinian women).

In her study, the researcher focused on the economic empowerment interventions of the institutions that represent the national sectors that are related to the economic empowerment of women and addressed the women who benefit from the implementation of the plans in the community.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Anan Yousef Al-Deek, a student of strategic planning and fundraising from Faculty of Graduate Studies of Arab American University in Ramallah, discussed his Master's thesis entitled "The Possibilities and Challenges of the Palestinian of Israel in Building the Palestinian Economy"

The researcher studied the economic possibilities of Palestinians of Israel, specially their experience gained from the Israeli market, the abundance of capital, and the challenges faced by the Palestinians in the 48 territories in building the Palestinian economy from the bureaucracy of the Palestinian laws, the lack of knowledge of the investment environment, the opportunities available in the State of Palestine, the Possibilities of entering to the Arab world through the Palestinian gate, and the cheap labor force comparing it with the Israeli market.


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