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Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Researcher Hala Shalbaya a student in conflict resolution and development program

The researcher Hala Mohammed Abdel-Hafiz Shalbaya, a student in conflict resolution and development program at the faculty of graduate studies at the University Campus Ramallah, discussed her thesis entitled “Arresting Palestinian Children, the Dual Israeli Law, Discrimination by Nationality and Violation of Children's Rights in East Jerusalem - case study”

The researcher referred in her thesis to the children as "criminals" according to the Israeli narrative, and "the victims" according to other narratives, and "not classified" according to our novel, The chapters of the thesis focused on arresting, attacking and investigation.

Saturday, January 26, 2019
The researcher Eyla’ Mohammad Qubha, a commercial law student

The researcher Eyla’ Mohammad Qubha, a commercial law student at faculty of Graduate studies of Arab American University, discussed her thesis about “the termination of indefinite employment contract in the Palestinian labour law”

The study was about the termination of indefinite employment contract and the comparison between the Palestinian, Jordanian and Egyptian labour law. The concept of the indefinite contract that doesn’t have a clear identification.

Monday, December 24, 2018
Part of the defense of the Computer Science student, the researcher Khitam Ahmed Abu Hadia

The Researcher Khitam Asad Abu Hadia a computer science student at Faculty of Graduate studies at Arab American University discussed her MA thesis titled "Providing Adaptive Learning Content and Evaluations in the Learning of Moocs Platform Using Classification Algorithms".

The aim of the thesis is to provide a framework and a proposed adaptive learning model for the learner as an adaptive learning course through the content and evaluation tools that improve the level of education and the availability of learning needs, noting that the study contributed mainly to the use of automatic classification algorithms for adaptation and compatibility with the Moocs educational platforms to produce better results when applying the system.


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